Top 5 Good Books (Series) Turned Into Movies– Nah or Yas?

   Well, what’s new do we have here? I am a fan of well-written books, and seeing the characters of my favorite books in flesh would definitely be as thrilling as having your first kiss! Oops. Anyway, I have always been told that movies spoil the books, that they ruin the essence of the story and kind of distort the narrative– do I agree? Hmm not totally but you know, script writers and directors really do revisions and additions in accordance to how they would like the characters to be portrayed and how they would like to see the movie as a whole. Before you pout and sulk after knowing that your favorite book would be turned into a movie, why don’t you give it a go? There’s no harm in trying. There are good movie adaptations from best selling books, I can name a few, so here are my favorite books turned into movies:

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