Favorite Lines from Mean Girls Movie P1 — All Time Fav!!

Okay, I don’t know where to begin since I’ve watched this movie for the umpteenth time already– so many times that I can’t barely take count. Just the mention of the movie title Mean Girls sends shivers to my spine (In a good way though) like it has been consistently on the top of my favorite movie list! Phew! Does it look obvious now that this is so precious to me? Well anyway, to set the record straight, I wasn’t able to watch the movie on its first day of release or should I say showing coz I had no idea and definitely penniless coz I wasn’t keen of asking money from my parents to watch movies before. The movie was released year 2004, I don’t know how old I was that time. PLEASE DON’T FORCE ME TO DO MATH, I HATE THAT. It all started when I was in highschool roughly 3 years ago after the movie was released– we were labeled as MEAN GIRLS and I don’t know why it has been used to describe me and my friends (up to this day). We weren’t and aren’t mean, perhaps because we didn’t mingle with others before coz we were too comfortable to just be around with each other, unbeknownst to us that we were shoving others away. One of my classmates told me, ”You’re like the Regina George in your group.” and I was like, ”Who the * is Regina George?  So the next day, he handed me this original dvd copy of Mean Girls, I was definitely thrilled when I saw the dvd cover and still thrilled coz I still haven’t given it back. Haha! To cut the story short, Mean Girls is my all time favorite that I memorized some (all!) of the lines. Here are some FETCH lines that sustain my Mean Girls’ fan-girl heart:

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